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2016-12-03 From the transcript: Project Unease
2016-11-26 The Valley of Whispers
2016-11-20 Neko Case -- Ragtime
2016-11-06 Publication Announcement: 'Come to Pass' at The Bees Are Dead
2016-10-30 She: A short story for Halloween
2016-10-09 Coolest name ever for a bacterium?
2016-10-07 Publication Announcement: 'Once Around Forever'
2016-09-27 Longevity is smart
2016-09-22 Cultural misappropriation
2016-09-17 Interest log 1
2016-09-14 Hey, all you winners!
2016-09-13 Captain America: Civil War (or something)
2016-08-31 The Spice of Life (aka Don't Get Nutmegged)