Beta readers, prepare!

Thanks to those who have agreed–I think I’m all set.

I’m setting the end of the month for myself as a deadline to have this to you. That’ll get me to let go of it.

Less sure of this one than the last one. That might be a good thing, or it might not. We’ll see.

So help me, I shall hit send by the end of the month.

Till then, thanks as always for reading. And please consider giving someone my book for the holidays!

Strange fruit

The calamondin we bought has produced fruit. They taste like vitamin C tablets–almost pure citric acid. And so soft inside that you can’t really eat them like an orange even if you wanted to. Might be good to squeeze into some Thai food if you were hard up for a lime.

So much in the world that we’re ignorant of. So many things under the sun.


Hold fast to your blogs

For they shall define you. People do not realize what they are giving up.

Blogs are — or at least were — different. They are an individual’s place for speaking out loud, but the relationships that form around them were based on links among posts, not social networks that link among people. I’m all for social networks, but we also need networks of ideas.

via Joho the Blog » The Blogosphere lives!.

David’s one of the smartest guys around. Worth heeding.

I think Sagan is going to surprise you

I know he’s been surprising me. Like Finn, he’s a hero by definition, but the process and outcome are turning out to be very different. The fun here is going to be in how he is and is not what you expect from a space marine/mercenary.

Paltrow, too, is unexpected and has been a lot of fun to write. The book is really co-equal between them.

All in all, I think this is going to manage to deliver a more traditional “story” (with a healthy dose of sci-fi action) while at the same time promising a fair bit of substance. That’s the hope anyhow.

Also, definitely going to be at least a second book in this series now.

My thanks to all who have offered to beta-read. Not much longer now!