A second five-star review for Evertime!

How real are the worlds we create when we write programs? And if those worlds are informed by our world how entertaining would that be? A blend of philosophy, science fiction, and eastern religions wrapped in a mystery, an adventure, and a love story. A thought provoking and entertaining read.

via Amazon.com: JD’s review of Evertime: The Iteration of the Martingale.

I had been worried this book was so different from the first one that people wouldn’t be interested in it. Thankfully it’s looking like that’s not the case!

How to excerpt?

Promotion these days often seems to involve postcard-type images with quotes over them. I’m wrestling with this for Evertime…I feel as if the book’s pretty tightly written and that quoting much of anything gives away the story in a sense. Reviewers so far have been saying similar things.

How do mystery writers do it?

Final Evertime cover (with review!)

As reviews begin to come in for Evertime (and so far, they’ve been better than I ever could have hoped), I’ve updated the cover of the print version with one of the best comments so far:

Evertime by William C. Reichard print cover

The print version is away for proofing and I’ll let everyone know when it’s available. In the meantime, even though it hasn’t officially been launched, if you can’t wait, Amazon Prime members can check it out for free. And there’s technically nothing stopping you from buying the Kindle version if you want (it is appreciated!). Have been holding off saying it’s widely available till a few of the reviews come back.

Thanks as always for your support!