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I've led several lives. I started off as a journalist and editor at the now-defunct Albuquerque Tribune before migrating into public relations and then non-profit management. I had to get an MBA and run a public relations and marketing business for five years before I could admit that my real love is writing. I'm married to the incredible photographic artist KayLynn Deveney, and my time is split between Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Ender's Game (the movie)

Finally got around to seeing Ender's Game (because it's on Netflix now and, I figure, I'm not seriously supporting Card's weirdness by doing so).

Thoughts? Not many. Was reminded that the first question someone should ask when adapting a book is: why make a movie of this? And the second should be: why make this movie now?

The kid was solid. It's a tough role. Ben Kingsley steals the movie as he usually does (why isn't he carrying movies on his own? every time he walks on screen, the rest of a movie looks smaller). But neither of them got a lot to do scriptwise. The movie tried to be too faithful to the book and ended up skimming everything instead of getting to the heart of any of it. (If you haven't read the book, I think a lot of the movie will seem flat and confused, though it's mostly faithful.) Though it should also be said that it's not as if it's the best-written book in the world. But it is a powerful idea (obviously).

FWIW, the visuals were good, and the best scene of the movie was near the end (spoiler alert) when the alien puts its claw to Ender's neck. This also points to what, IMHO, is the best part of the story: the sequels. But perhaps this setup is necessary to carry the rest.

All in all, as muddled as the book but in a different way. It's the muddiness of the story regarding power, violence, childhood, and the Other that makes it important in my mind, but here it doesn't feel deliberate, unfortunately.

Too bad. Here's hoping they make a sequel--now that would be an interesting venture.


Yea, though it may make me the uncoolest of the uncool, I proclaim yet again that I love these guys. Yeah, maybe Apple botched this release slightly (it should be straight-up optional to get the album and, even though it mostly is, it's not straight-up enough), and maybe it's not U2's best ever (I haven't listened enough to judge, but I can say already I'm enjoying it).

And yet...one of the world's most popular and enduring bands just gave everyone on the planet their latest artistic creation, and on a bad day they're still better than 99 percent of the bands out there.

Apple will work out the glitches in this, and maybe it'll be a thing now...big announcement, big new free album or game or movie. Once again U2 will have been at the forefront.

But in the meantime, keep it up, U2. You've been overeager, verging on needy, maniacal about attention, for just about forever. You've sometimes acted like (gasp) four lads who might live next door. You've also made some truly great music and I dare say used your considerable powers for good. I for one thank you for the free album.

Jon Favreau movie "Chef"

Didn't hear much about this one, but what a nice surprise. Lighthearted but with something real to say. Lots of great food and solid acting (and a clever use of social media). I guess this is the kind of movie you get to make in between Iron Mans.

Finn McCool fiction down to $2.99

Ahead of my upcoming move to bring the book to other platforms, the generally well reviewed This Album Full of Angles is back down to $2.99 on Amazon (the lowest I can set it right now). You can check it out here:


Meanwhile, what platforms would you like to see it on? I'm probably going to go for Smashwords, which covers most of the major ones (Kobo, iBooks, Google, etc.).

Thanks as always!

Grains of sand...

"For Shamans and African image-makers know that we contain the universe inside us, that the sea is in the fish as much as the fish is in the sea; that birds breathe their own flight; that forces in the human frame can interpenetrate matter, extend the bounds of time and space, enter the dreams of lions, and travel through the private histories of rivers and mountains."

--Ben Okri, A Way of Being Free

The eBook market and my next book title

One of the things I've learned from my free eBook promotion this weekend is that my writing is suffering from a serious lack of sex scenes and that my book cover is embarrassingly free of scantily-clad humans. I'd estimate a good 75% of the books doing well in the free lists are romance or erotica. I was bested for a while by a book called (no kidding) "Sex With Minotaur," which may have been written by a caveperson but apparently is still more valued than my lib arts rambling.

But live and learn. Therefore, I've decided my next book will be a series about a woman named Sienna who has made a fortune writing Kindle books but, feeling her life lacks meaning, decides to seek enlightenment by traveling the world romancing men of many cultures in the most beautiful locations she can find. The first book will be called "Bodicesattva."

If you know of anyone who's good at painting washboard stomachs, please DM me.

The Album is free this weekend!

The Kindle version of This Album Full of Angles will be free this weekend, August 15-17. If you've been on the fence about reading it, please check it out!

Of course, nothing's to stop you from buying it, if you'd rather do that.

But I'm just happy for it to be read (and, if you're motivated, reviewed).

Thanks as always!