Android users: A case study in how Apple users see you

The following points are all taken from a single comment thread on an article from a major tech site that has decided to stop producing an Android version of its magazine, which it admits was in part because it was too inconvenient to find content and links for readers who weren’t using iTunes. If you’d like to see the thread, check out my previous post wherein I was bothered by the so-called tech media these days. I didn’t feel like giving them a second link. So here’s just some of what I gleaned from this thread:

  • A few Android users are “tech savvy nerds who want absolute control of their phones.” That’s the good.
  • Most, though, “don’t care about the web or smartphones in general” and are, apparently “somewhere in the Bible Belt.” That’s the bad.
  • Android users tend to be from countries with low incomes.
  • Android users “just don’t pay for apps, browse, view ads or engage in e-commerce.”
  • “Android folks are one weird paranoid bunch” who make “insane comments.” Android users see the platform as a “religion.”
  • Android users “fail to grasp” what Apple users intuitively know: that Apple content in its “abundance” is the only sensible choice.
  • A majority of Android users “can’t seem to figure out how to use WiFi on their devices,” which surprised some because they felt poor Android users should be flocking to McDonald’s to use its wifi.
  • Android users are “always” “boasting” about sales figures from ComScore. Android outsells iPhone, but that doesn’t matter because of everything else in this list.
  • Most Android phones “are in fact cheap featurephone replacements.” (Ed.: Ewww.)
  • The majority of Android phones “are running an obsolete version of the operating system.”
  • Android users “don’t seem to understand that the Android platform is not financially viable for most developers, publishers, content providers or manufacturers due to low usage share.”
  • “Android has a lack of responsibility built-in.”
  • “You will turn blue trying” to “educate these android people.”
  • Even when you “have shown them and given them every fact available,” Android users still “don’t get it.”
  • “All android fans take it so personal that their feelings get hurt.”
  • People end up with Android phones because “some carrier store guy pushed on them as a replacement for their flip phone.” [Ed.: Ick.]
  • Apple users, by contrast, are “motivated.”
  • Apps on iOS are “better performing” and “more sophisticated.”
  • It takes “giant, top-end quad core Androids” to “keep up with the slim, dual core iPhone” 5.
  • Posts like these are generated by the “Fandroidsphere.”
  • “If you criticize Android, even constructively, you take the risk of revealing your Apple bias – even if you don’t personally own or use Apple products.”
  • “Most” Android phones have “such low system specs and ancient OS version that they give a terrible web browsing and app-running experience.”
  • “Most android phones and tablets are purchased by people looking for a cheap phone and are not interested in the Internet or by parents for their children who want to be able to download games for free.”
  • iOS users “use their devices much more and are willing to pay for apps as opposed to getting everything free.”
  • Android users are “cynical, cynical, cynical,” and “surely don’t understand the market forces and who are the consumers.”
  • Android phones are used in third-world countries by a “worker in a motorcycle.”
  • Android attracts “wacky users who spend more time trash talking iOS in comment sections,” perhaps because they like “clunky interfaces, a myriad of strange screen sizes, rampant piracy, [and] fragmented devices.”
  • Android “fans” are “like tea partiers, my way or the highway.”
  • The “vast majority of Android users” choose it because it is “cheaper.”
  • iOS is “the (only) PREMIUM platform.”
  • Android fans “need it [validation, it seems] the most.”
  • Android apps are aimed at the “lowest common denominator,” and “lowest common denominator web content” is still available to Android users even though most sites should be tailored to the obviously superior Apple products.

I’m proud to say I’m a device agnostic (ask my friends–I love the menagerie of the electronic world). Devices serve their function at certain times and places. In the past decade I’ve extensively used iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia, various ROMs, Microsoft’s Kin … even installed Linux on mobile devices. I look forward to Mozilla’s Boot to Web and to Ubuntu Mobile. Every OS has plusses and minuses. Every manufacturer does some things well and others not so much.

People always seem mystified when Android users react to these sorts of things. We’re told we’re thin-skinned, reactionary, illogical. But it mystifies me that it mystifies you. If I told you that you were a bunch of snotty faux-cultured hipsters with a decades-long Napolean complex, I doubt you’d like it. That’s why I try not to. (I swear, I do try.) The irony is that most Android users could truly care less what OS you use. They’re ecumenical that way. Apparently that’s part of their crimes against Good Taste.

Perhaps Android users should be flattered. Other platforms apparently don’t even warrant being ignored; they simply don’t exist.

Users of less-popular OS’s let themselves be branded with these stereotypes. I’d say ignore it, except in our marketing-driven world, being quiet means being obseleted and discontinued. If you don’t speak up for choice, you soon won’t have any.

Anyway, if you’re anything less than a complete fanboy for one OS or another, I hope you get a kick out of the list above.

Thanks as always for reading.

UPDATE: The fun goes on. We’ve just learned that “most Android users are low income, low usage users only after a cheap phone.” Because, you know, that wasn’t clear yet.

ANOTHER UPDATE (1/22/15): CNN has a nice example, asserting that a study shows that “smarter people use iPhones,” then writing an article that doesn’t really say that at all.


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  • Ritesh

    Its daily affair in the tech world. Nothing new and nothing to be alarmed about. Make your choice based on what suits you and be happy. That’s all there is to it. As a consumer, all you should care about is what you’re paying for is worth the money and serves your purpose. Everything else is just drummed up drama which is a back-handed way of marketing.

    • William Reichard

      Hear hear. Thanks for the comment!

  • evilincarnate

    Funny how many of the claims can apply to apple users

    • William Reichard

      Tech Tribalism!

    • William Reichard

      I don’t even *own* a motorcycle!